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Getting lost along the road of life can provide some of the best stories, but sometimes you just need to get from point A to point B. GOBikeBoulder.net will tell you how to get there on your bike.

 To use GOBikeBoulder.net

This cutting-edge site makes finding the best route to pedal around Boulder as easy as coasting downhill. It does more than help you navigate Boulder's 300+ miles of bike lanes, routes, designated shoulders and paths. It also tells you how many miles you'll ride along your route, plus how many calories you'll burn getting there. You'll also be able to calculate the economic benefits of bicycling, like how much you save in gas money by not driving.

We help you GO. You help us GO.
Your involvement is critical to this program's success. GOBikeBoulder.net is a pilot program funded by a federal grant and GO Boulder/city of Boulder. The goal is to reduce vehicle miles traveled, thus cutting pollution and congestion. But to keep the program going, we've got to prove it's working.

Here's how you can help:
Register online.
Use the site frequently.
Complete the "Did You Ride" questionnaire and some short surveys.

Here's why you should register:
It's free and painless, just like the majority of the bike paths and trails in Boulder. Plus you'll be helping us keep this service going.

We'll give you free stuff. After you register, you'll get either a complimentary cyclometer*, a handlebar map holder*, or a city of Boulder Bike & Pedestrian Map.

*Cyclometers and map holders will be available while supplies last. When they're gone, you'll get the Bike & Pedestrian Map.

Tell us what you think! 

We would like to hear what forex trading philippines you have to say about GOBikeBoulder.net.  Please let us know of any problems you encountered while using the map or any thoughts you have on making this application better. Send us your feedback, problems and/or comments.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 July 2008 )