Best cycling route planner

A cycling route planner is a tool that helps you plan your cycling routes. It can be used to calculate the distance, elevation, and duration of your journey. It is often used to find the safest and most scenic routes in an area. A route planner can help you find the most scenic or challenging routes when planning a cycling trip. You can find information about the best time of year to ride in your area and what gear you need for different types of weather.

There are many such apps available on the internet, but there are also some that are specifically designed for cyclists who have certain needs. These include special tools for cyclists who want to do long-distance cycling or those who need to find routes with hills or who need to find routes with less traffic.

Here, we will discuss the best bicycle route planning and mapping apps available:

Best cycling route planner

Google Maps

Google Maps is a powerful tool for cyclists. It can be used as a cycling route planner to find the best routes and map out the most scenic routes. It is easy to use, offers many different options and it is free.

There are many reasons why cyclists use Google Maps as their cycling route planner. One of them is that it provides accurate data on how long it will take to get from one point to another, so cyclists can plan ahead and know when they will arrive at their destination. Another reason is that Google Maps offers a variety of different routes depending on what kind of cyclist you are – whether you want to go on an easy ride or if you want an intense workout, there is a route for every type of cyclist.

The app displays the user’s current location and allows them to search for nearby restaurants, stores, gas stations and other points of interest by typing in what they need. Google Maps also provides users with a map of their surroundings if they are unfamiliar with the area or if they want to get a better sense of their surroundings.

Google Maps offers several different modes of transportation including driving directions, walking directions, public transit information as well as bike routes in some areas.

Google Maps can be used to plan various cycling routes, such as:

– A short ride in the neighborhood

– A long trail ride

– A mountain bike ride

– An urban bike ride

– A family biking trip

– A bike race


Komoot is a cycling route planner that has been used by many cyclists for their trips. It is designed to be a simple and easy-to-use GPS cycling app that can be used on any Android or iOS devices.

Komoot provides information about the distance, elevation, and other necessary details to make sure that the cyclist is well prepared for their journey.

The Komoot app has been able to provide accurate routes for cyclists by using what it calls “AI-powered navigation”. This technology is able to calculate the best route for cyclists by taking into account factors such as safety, bikeability, and scenery.

Komoot’s main features include:

-The ability to find the best cycling routes in any location, whether it is your home country or an unfamiliar one.

-A map view that displays the route and all of its points of interest in detail, including elevation profiles and information about each point of interest.

-A navigation system with voice guidance that tells you exactly where to go and how far away you are from your destination.

-The ability to save routes for future use, as well as share them with friends on social

Bike Citizens

Bike Citizens is the first cycling app designed for urban cyclists. Bike Citizens helps users identify and navigate through the safest routes in their city, find bike parking, bike-share stations, and other cycling amenities. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.


Strava is a widely used exercise tracking service that records and shares over route planning. It is widely used amongst cyclists as it allows them to track their progress, helps them improve their performance, and compete with other cyclists.

Strava has been in the market for a decade now and has been continuously evolving according to the needs of its users. It started out as a GPS-based tracking app for athletes but has now evolved into an all-inclusive fitness app that offers social networking features, personal trainers and nutritionists, real-time coaching, etc.


How do I map a cycle route?

Using Bike Route Planners is a great way find a cycle route that suits your needs. It is available on the TFL website and it can be used by anyone who has a smartphone.

To map your cycle route, you will need to select the type of journey you want to make and then enter the start and end points. The route planner tool will then generate a suggested route for you. You can also adjust the settings of your journey by adding hills or avoiding certain roads if necessary.

Does Google Maps do cycle routes? How do I create a cycle route in Google Maps?

Cycle mapping is a new feature that Google Maps has introduced. It is a convenient way to map a cycle route, by following the same steps as you would for driving directions.

To start mapping your cycle route, open Google Maps and enter your start and end points. You can then select cycling as the mode of transport and follow the instructions given on the screen.

What is the best free cycle route planner?

Google Maps

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